Love Art Workshops at Space 2 Create

Over the summer Love Arts held a Home? workshop at Space 2 Create. Shown below are just some of the amazing outcomes from the workshop. I can honestly say that group are very talented and there artwork is brilliant. The charity is based in the Factory in Kendal and provides workshops for people with mental health issues. They have grown from the grass roots of the community headed by Mat. Its a real honour to be able to work with the group they are so friendly and welcoming. Get yourself down if you have a creative itch you need scratching.

The stories that came out from the workshop were interesting one lady spoke of how she felt isolated being so rural and how the waiting list to come into Kendal was high. Another lady talked about her art was about the items within the home like her books, plants and pets were what home means to her. It made sense to me that your home is just a vessel to your life and the items that you collect which can be full of meaning.

Someone also said and i quote “home is where you love and be loved”. Try spot below the house that was made from this workshop below….



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