Lakes Alive 2017 Home?

What an amazing summer Love Arts had working in partnership with installation artist Michelle Wren for Lakes Alive Festival.22851929_1510870529006880_7673524683382515845_nIMG_6101

Love Arts worked with the local Kendal community to establish art work in the reply to the theme “what does home mean to you?”. Love Arts then provided a workshop in Lino printing and line drawings. Michelle wren then used these outcomes to create these fantastic cardboard house sculptures. I want to thank you all so much for supporting the project some amazing stories came out from the project that I would love to share with you.

We worked with Summer hill Bupa nursing home with people with dementia. People loved talking about there homes from when they were younger and “back in the good ald days of kendal” Annette shown above designed this house which she said was her home from when she was young. The house she designed is now being displayed in the Summer Hill care home where she lives.




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