Lakes Alive Festival – Home? Project


Love arts workshops is working in collaboration with artist Michelle Wren and you, the community of Kendal to develop community arts project ‘Home?’ which will be presented at The Lakes Alive Festival between 9th and 10th September.

It is time we talk about home. Across the UK and Europe there is a huge housing crisis with no rent caps and little to no social housing. Homes seem to be becoming more and more unaffordable. Secure and stable housing is becoming a thing of the past and the necessity of safe housing is becoming something of a luxury. With house prices significantly higher than the national average and rural wages being significantly lower the issue of housing in Lake District is even greater than other places.

Screen shot 2017-07-26 at 20.45.30

While we celebrate the area we live and welcome tourists areas such as the lake district have become a place for second home ownership and holiday homes along with Air B and B rental houses. Although we welcome new people to the area it often means houses are being taken off the rental market and purchase and rental prices are being pushed up for locals. It’s a double edge sword as tourism industry is the Lake District main employer, but locals find it hard to afford to live here because tourism is taking lots of the housing stock. A local head teacher pointed out that in Langdales Close 70% of homes in one village are not regularly occupied. While people leave them empty till they come on holiday other local people in the area struggle to find a place to live. With a lack of community present local services like doctors, transport and schools are shutting.

Locally here in Kendal it is also evident that some families still haven’t recovered from the impact of storm Desmond. Some Families are still displaced and unable to return home. Kendal has good facilities but lots of people are denied a relocation here in social housing because of low housing stock. This means people can become rurally isolated with increasing transport being cut. Young people from Kendal struggle to buy within Kendal so are forced to relocate to neighbouring county’s.

This specific situation to Kendal can be seen in different forms across the UK with families being forced out of London. The high-speed rail connections between London and Bristol are causing a high rise in rental prices and pushing locals to the outskirts, people suffering from the floods not being given the proper provisions and the horrific sights of Grenfell Tower safe housing is becoming a thing of the past. As Air B and B creeps in more landlords look to make profit over secure housing and with little public housing left and nobody capping rental prices the possibility for many to get on ‘the property ladder’ becoming harder and harder. The issue of housing is ever increasing. It can often be hard to join the gaps between our individual circumstances and that of a national crisis but many others are sharing in the struggle for safe and affordable housing.


We think the first step is to share our experience of housing.

With all this in mind we want to know….

What does home mean to you?

The ‘home?’ Project

Please get involved with this project by filling in the postcards which will be placed all over Kendal and come join us in the public workshop at the Peoples café in the foyer, Kendal.


19th August 12:30-2:30pm

The lino drawings and creations you make will be used by Michelle Wren to create a cardboard town based at Abbot hall park over the Lakes Alive weekend 8-10th September. We will have live lino printing workshops at the abbot hall park. Over the Lakes Alive Festival.



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