Lino Printing like a boss.


Lino Printing the easy way, I wanted to share with you this really effective printing technique. This can be used for anyone that can hold a pen and make markings. So it is adaptable to most from the young to the old. You can develop the technique further to include overlapping prints, creative backgrounds with tissue paper or paint. Lets not forget the opportunity to turn this into a gift printing on to cards or putting art in fames. All it takes is these 3 simple steps.

You will Need

  • Polystyrene bowls or plates,
  • biro pens,
  • relief ink (water-based is best)
  • paper thicker the better like watercolour paper,
  • roller
  • glass surface
  1. Get you designs flowing maybe practice on paper first then simply draw on the polystyrene service.
  2. Then using the roller and ink, ink up your design – make sure you have a thick coat
  3. All you need to do now is simply print onto paper making sure that you press down hard to create a strong image.

Thats all, experiment with colour, shape and size. Send them to me so i can share them.



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